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WIR sind wieder im TV! Am 23.1.17!

Nicht nur, daß dieser kleine Sender mal wieder wirklich die Ereignisse hervorragend auf den Punkt gebracht haben, aber es kommt wirklich toll heraus, daß die Politik NIEMALS behaupten kann und DARF, sie würden, in welcher Form auch immer, mit den Bürgern zusammenarbeiten! Nichts wäre weiter von der Realität entfernt, als eine solche Behauptung!

Ich denke, unsere Truppe hat diese Veranstaltung echt dahin gebracht, wo sie von Anfang an hingehörte: Auf den SONDERMÜLL!



Handbook on Access to Justice under the Aarhus Convention

Falls noch Jemand gute Informationen braucht, was das Arhus-Abkommen und unser Aller RECHT auf Klage betrifft, so sollte er sich das hier mal reinziehen.

Vom Autor:

„The approach of this handbook published by the Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe is to use cases to illustrate the obligations of the Aarhus Convention and how they might be enforced or upheld through complaints procedures and other means of access to justice. In dealing with issues such as the rules with respect to broader standing, and the application of those rules in particular circumstances,it is hoped that parties to the Convention will consider different options in the adoption of implementing legislation and in the development of rules of court and rules of practice of other tribunals and similar bodies. It is hoped that an exchange will be fostered resulting in the development and broad adoption of best practices in the field of access to justice in environmental matters in the UNECE region. The first part of the handbook discusses specific issues with respect to the implementation of the access to justice obligations of the Convention, drawing upon, analysing and evaluating the results of the case studies as much as possible. While an attempt was made to identify case studies dealing with as many of the aspects of access to justice in relation to the Aarhus Convention as possible, not allsuch aspects could be covered by practical case examples. Thus, the analysis also relies upon the authors’ research and sometimes direct experience.“


„Protection of persons exercising their rights

Article 3(8) of the Aarhus Convention protects persons
exercising their rights as enshrined in the provisions of the
Convention from being penalised, persecuted or harassed in
any way for doing so. This protection extends to the exer-
cise of the right of access to justice, and applies to protection
against retribution by either authorities or private parties.“